Becky planned to surprise for her best friend Kitty on her birthday. She planned to make a hand-made cake for her as a present. She expected to make a healthy and delicious cake.

Kitty was surprised. She liked the cake. Our friends ate the cake very quickly at her birthday party. Everyone liked the cake very much. Suddenly an idea appeared. Why not make the hand-made cakes? Let everyone eat a healthy delicious cake.

Love for baking that stems back to her little aunt, who has been a dessert chef in HK for more than 10 years. She started baking in her off time, working to perfect bake based on her little aunt recipe.

With this passion and the support of her friends, Rose café SF was created. Focusing on the fresh cream layer cake. The cake is hand-made by everyday. Make sure the cake is fresh.

Rose Café SF chooses natural ingredients, fresh fruit and organic fresh cream to make the cake. No addition and no preservative. Reducing sugar, but ingredients and texture are good. This’s a sweet dessert, but not too heavy.

We look forward to you!